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About our OCEAN Commitment to Plastic Surgery Patients


In addition to surgical excellence, our field requires a strong commitment to plastic surgery patients and patient care, which is best articulated as a philosophy that Dr. Lincenberg refers to as OCEAN, an acronym which stands for Over-exceeding Clients’ Expectations And Needs. At Georgia Plastic Surgery, we strive to incorporate OCEAN into our everyday practice, and our commitment to patient service sets us apart from our competition.


Our OCEAN philosophy begins with Dr. Lincenberg and his commitment to our plastic surgery patients. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, ranging from a Botox injection to liposuction or procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy tucks or facelifts, Dr. Lincenberg begins each engagement with a thorough initial consultation, listening to what each patient hopes to achieve. You won’t feel “rushed” out the door when you visit us – we take the time to listen to your needs and concerns. After you and Dr. Lincenberg determine what type of treatment or procedure is best for you, he will leverage his experience as a double-board certified and Mayo Clinic-trained plastic surgeon, blending his vision as an artist with his skills as a cosmetic surgeon to redefine and rejuvenate our patients.


How Our Staff and Office Leverages Our OCEAN Commitment


Our commitment to our plastic surgery patients doesn’t stop with Dr. Lincenberg. Our compassionate team of nurses and expert staff is trained to help our patients through every step of their customized treatment process – they even assist with child-care and travel arrangements! Our patients say they feel like they are being looked after by a concierge in a luxury hotel.


Our OCEAN commitment is also reflected through:


  • “Ask the Doctor” Questions: Often, potential patients have questions prior to scheduling a consultation. The “Ask the Doctor” feature on our website allows interested visitors to submit an anonymous, confidential question and receive an answer from Dr. Lincenberg – before you even visit our practice!
  • State-of-the-Art TouchMD: This innovative educational tool is used during and after the consultation to allow our patients to access information about the specific procedure they discussed with Dr. Lincenberg, as well as photos and diagrams. This information is stored privately, enabling our patients to log in from home and to safely share this data with spouses or families!
  • Patient Portal: Our secure, HIPAA-compliant Patient Portal allows patients to access their patient records and obtain confidential information about their care.
  • Post-op “comfort kits:” These kits are tailored to make recovery from specific procedures even smoother. They are customized to meet our patients’ unique post-op needs.


Learn more about our outstanding OCEAN commitment to our plastic surgery patients. Call our team at to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lincenberg!


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"I've known 6 cosmetic surgeons in the last 20 years and Dr. Lincenberg has the best personality for this profession.  So worth the 650 mile drive." -L.L.