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OCEAN Commitment


In addition to surgical excellence, plastic surgery requires a commitment to excellent patient care, which is best articulated as a philosophy that Dr. Lincenberg refers to as OCEAN, an acronym which stands for Over-exceeding Client’s Expectations And Needs. At Georgia Plastic Surgery, we strive to incorporate OCEAN into our everyday practice. Our commitment to patient service sets us apart from our competition.

OCEAN begins with Dr. Lincenberg. When it comes to procedures, ranging from a Botox injection to liposuction to breast augmentation, tummy tuck or facelift, Dr. Lincenberg listens to what the patient wants to achieve. Then, he blends his vision as an artist with his skills as a cosmetic surgeon to redefine and rejuvenate.

A compassionate team of nurses and expert staff helps patients through every step of their customized treatment process. They even assist with child-care and travel arrangements and provide post-op “comfort kits” tailored to make recovery from specific procedures even smoother.  Patients say they feel like they are being looked after by a concierge in a luxury hotel.

Real People Real Stories

"I've known 6 cosmetic surgeons in the last 20 years and Dr. Lincenberg has the best personality for this profession.  So worth the 650 mile drive." -L.L.