Skin Reduction and Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Skin reduction and body contouring surgery following gastric bypass surgery requires extra special attention. There is no cookbook approach. Each patient is unique and gets a customized solution. Procedures, such as flattening the stomach, raising the buttocks, tapering of upper arms, inner thighs and reducing brassiere line bulges, are adjusted to fit the contours of each patient.

Women and men who have experienced significant weight loss through gastric bypass or other weight loss methods often seek plastic surgery to reduce excess skin and contour the body.  

This area of body contouring has developed rapidly in recent years, primarily due to the different patterns that people lose weight on their body. While one patient will lose weight evenly overall, others will retain fat on some areas that did not melt away. Also, there is great variation in the degree to which skin tightens up on each part of the body. 

Body contouring after significant weight loss has become a focus of Sheldon Lincenberg, MD, Georgia Plastic Surgery. In 2003, OH magazine and recognized Dr. Lincenberg as a bariatric plastic surgery specialist.

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