Breast Reduction

Big breasts can be a problem physically and psychologically. Both adult women and teenagers with oversized breasts choose to have breast reduction, a procedure which reduces the size and reshapes large breasts by removing excess skin and underlying tissue. If you have large, sagging breasts you may be a good candidate for breast reduction. If your breasts are sagging but not overly large, a breast lift may be a better procedure for you.

Breast reduction involves making incisions following the natural contour of the breast. Excess tissue, fat and skin are removed and then the nipple, areola and underlying tissue are moved to a new, higher location. When the breasts are extremely oversized, it is sometimes necessary to completely detach the nipple before it is relocated. With the nipple in the new location, skin on both sides of the breast is moved down and around the areola and brought together. This firms up and shapes the breast.

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